“Every so often you have a session where it doesn’t feel like two strangers, but old friends. My time with Emma was exactly like that. We weren’t two strangers, but two friends catching up and reconnecting(physically and mentally!) and it all just felt so unforced. She is charming and kind, and if you appreciate her aesthetic(as I do), she absolutely doesn’t disappoint. She is great at what she does and because of it, I had a great time! I’ll save the details, but if you’re looking for something that feels genuine and real, like an old flame, Emma’s your girl.”


“Emma’s a real gem, was so easy to talk to and open and really made me feel welcome and feels as good as she looks. If you need someone I really recommending Emma, she is a treat, and she is going out the extra step even if she didn’t have to, would share a bed with her any day, planning on next visit already, soon…”


“This lady is amazing and practically perfect in every way. Communication was easy and quick, her location was easy to find, and parking is plentiful on the street and very close. She is very warm and inviting and makes you fell like you have been friends forever, the kind of friend you have secretly always wanted to have benefits with. Anyway, she is easy to get along with and very open minded. I will not go into anymore detail because a gentlemen does not go into detail about a lady with regard to those types of things, suffice it so say that Emma is not one to miss even if it involves tearing a hole in the fabric of space and time to do so!”


“It has taken some time for us to synch our schedules, but the wait was well worth it. Emma is in a class of her own. This lovely young lady is intelligent and spending time getting to know her was quite enjoyable. The time we had together was amazing and I can’t wait til our next meeting. Do yourself a favor and see Emma for an unforgettable experience.”


“I texted Emma to introduce myself and to make arrangements for an appointment. She gave clear directions, and I made my way to her incall… Emma greeted me very warmly, and we spent some time getting acquainted… We chatted a bit about some topics of mutual interest, including, but not limited to, cats. It would be great to see Emma again.”


“Emma truly saved my weekend. She is a dream come true and a 5 star provider. Not a clock watcher and is 5’2 feet of pure sweetness. Only words=Wow!”


“All her reviews are true! Setup was easy and her incall was clean and inviting. She is friendly, interesting, and is very easy to talk to. She communicates well in the setup and throughout the session. She doesn’t disclose a menu because she is very discreet. I won’t get into details because of that. However, any hobbyist can be assured that she offers a robust girlfriend experience. I will see her again.”