Hello, I'm Emma -

your Mermaid turned Lady, creative soul, and loving spirit…

a sensitive, sweet female who loves to pamper others with attention and affection! Based in the Pacific Northwest, I stand at 5’2, weigh 135 Ibs. w/ natural strawberry blonde hair and deep ocean blue eyes. I’m known for my goofy and playful attitude, as well as my relaxed and compassionate nature. I believe we attract the energy we put out, so I try to focus on putting out as much care and love into the world. I love meeting new people and learning everything I can about them- passions, interests, hobbies.

I enjoy watching movies, working out at the gym, poledancing, cuddling with my cat Raven, drinking coffee, traveling and exploring new places, as well as exploring historical landmarks and museums. I love what I do and I'm eager to share my world with you!

Your Truly,